Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 PhotoLucida Critical Mass-Judging

I just finished judging the last phase of 2010 Photolucida Critical Mass. From 181 Finalists, I voted for my favorite 50. There a lot of diverse work in this last batch.Hoping that the last 50 selected ones truly reflect the whole range, techniques and themes of the current times we are living  and what photography is today. Best of luck to all and soon enough we will know who are the winners.

Carl  Bower-Plaza Boivar, Miss Coffee, Manizales

The photograph above is from Carl Bower one of my very favorite series''Chasing Cinderella'' and  2009 Photolucida Critical Mass winner. A year later and the series are still very clear in my mind. That is when you know... that you made the right decision.

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