Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Phil Toledano- A New Kind of Beauty- 9/9/10

What goes around...comes around...

Just a year ago , while doing the Pre- Screening juror  work for Photolucida's Critical Mass 2009 , I came across  Phil Toledano's A New Kind of Beauty series. I thought they were brilliantly shot and also posess a praiseworthy strong social message. I remember contacting Phil, friending him and also while I supported and raved about the work , they were some people (including jurors ) being  totally skeptic about it.

One thing you can say about me it is that when, I like and believe in some one's work, I put my faith in it no matter what others think about it.

October 2009, a few months later, I got a chance to curate UNSEEN at Randall Scott Gallery. One of the first artists I called was Phil and told him that, I wanted to show  Dinah  (shown here) , one of his Plastic Surgery portraits.
The piece sold during opening night to a NYC art collector. This work is not just for anybody and that is precisely why is  I like it so much. I find it extremely sophisticated and its future market will be for Museums and institutions.

This series was shown also at SCOPE during Miami Art Basel 2009 and Photo LA 2010 through hous Projects Gallery. 

Now a Gallery in DUMBO will be showing the series in a solo show for Phil. Life comes around full circle. This gallery happens to be right next door from where UNSEEN was shown almost a year ago where Randall Scott is no longer open (relocating back to Wash DC).

I will be very happy and proud at the opening not only because, I support Phil and his creative  work but also because , I took a chance once again and at the end it seems to paid off...

See you at the opening and go and see this show! 
Congratulations Phil!

September 9—October 29
Artist Reception: September 8, 6pm—8pm
Dinah, 2009
Digital C-Print, 60" x 50" image on 60" x 50" sheet, Edition of 3 (1AP


Dina Marie said...

He was a pleasure to work with i look forward to the opening
Thank you for bringing "Dina" to the Randall scott Gallery !

Dina Marie

ruben said...

Thanks for posing for Phil. I own your image as well and I truly love it
Looking forward meeting you @ the opening