Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week-EYE BUY ART...A New 20 x 200 ?

Ryan Schude
Jaguar, 2007
from the series Tableau

  • $25
    | 8"x10"
    246 of 250 remaining
  • $50
    | 11"x14"
    144 of 150 remaining
  • $250
    | 16"x20"
    49 of 50 remaining
  • $500
    | 20"x24"
    25 of 25 remaining

Jessica M. Kaufman
Untitled, 2008
from the series Seep

Jessica M. Kaufman
Untitled, 2008

Well is a new site with some pretty good photographers and its limited edition prints. I personally liked the work of Jessica Kaufman my friend and fellow photographer and the work Ryan Schude a Los Angeles photographer. Ryan's web site is worth taking a look, if you want to start collecting new affordable edgy work. Prices are great. My best advise to you greedy collectors and buyers...get the largest images if possible. I know... no more 8 x 10 for me. Way too many already, now it is a matter of size for me! ha ha!

Oh you can thank my fellow collector/squirrel Cesar Llacuna for this tip. He is always on the case!

Happy Shopping!

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