Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Fruits of A Hard Labor of Photography LOVE

Photographer and UNSEEN and VERSUS artist Elizabeth Fleming and Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Ruben Natal-San Miguel trying to blend in with the background~!
Photos- Courtesy of Elizabeth Fleming

For the past 10 months , I had been very very busy. To be honest, most projects had been very productive and rewarding and others ...well ...time will only tell.

Speaking of rewards, I was extremely proud and happy when, I walked in Joe Baio's annual ARMORY PARTY in which, he proudly displays the fruits of a whole year of collecting children inspired photographs and saw the work of Elizabeth Fleming hanging on the walls .

Joe Baio purchased the photographs from Randall Scott Gallery , from UNSEEN show which, I was the show curator. The work of Eric McNatt , also an UNSEEN artist, was also purchased by Joe and it will be displayed next year.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Fleming and Eric McNatt for now being part of such a great Photography Art collection~!

See above a photo of me and Elizabeth near one of the UNSEEN photos now part of Joe Baio's collection ...YEAH!

Special Thanks to Joe Baio and Ann Griffin for such and amazing party and to be witness of such a magnificent collection!

You can see more about the party in Elizabeth Fleming's


Brenda Milis said...

I love Elizabeth's work and it totally belongs in Joe's collection. Fantastic to hear that this worked out so well. Congratulations to all of you!

ruben said...

Thanks Brenda!
We are all very excited!

Elizabeth Fleming said...

Yes, thank you Brenda, I really appreciate you commenting here. And thanks Ruben, what a lovely post!

Rondell said...

One time Rondell wore herself a beautiful new purple dress she got from Ashro and everybody at church that Sunday be saying I looked like Barney the magic dragon. So sometime it good to blend in to the background, cause people sure can be mean when you stand out.