Saturday, January 9, 2010


THANK YOU and BIG LOVE to you all for your support, kind words, press and presence for the opening of VERSUS.

Special thanks to all the art and photography community, the participating artists and Elizabeth Houston, John Housman, owners of Hous Projects and their lovely staff for allowing me to create this show. It was an eye opener experience to me in so many different levels that, will take me time to absorb it all. Again thank you!

Some of the works are already selling and The NEW YORKER already reserved two images from the show for press. More coming!

From here next stop is Los Angeles for PhotoLA! After brief hesitation, Am officially on board (on a plane on a few days) to experience having my own work in a fair again and collaborate with Hous Projects Gallery Booth.

Elizabeth and I decided to bring a selection VERSUS artists and, I curated a wall that is dedicated to women, calling it THE WOMEN OF VERSUS. The artists from the show participating are:

Eric Ogden
Gina LeVay
Molly Landreth
Elizabeth Fleming
Jen Davis
Phil Toledano
Cara Phillips
Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Things are happening quite fast and furious and at times I wonder, where all this is leading me to...for now all I can do, is go for the joy ride and not think and look back. Am afraid if I do, it all will disappeared or, I will turn into stone.

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