Friday, January 22, 2010

HAITI Relief Print Sale to benefit DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS

Sara Sudhoff

Very late on game with this but, They are prints still available and, I urge to cooperate so we can help feed and provide for the needy in Haiti. They are still some great prints available Please shop. We are so fortunate and for only $50.00 you get a great limited edition of only 10 print. A lot of you feel so fortunate of having your prints sold for thousands of dollars in galleries think about the difference this can make in the life's of the unfortunate ones.

The funds will go to the organization called Doctors Without Borders, who have been providing immediate medical assistance since hours after the earthquake. They have also being helping Haiti for the past 19 years.

During PhotoLa no matter how crazy busy I was, The disaster was constantly on my mind. By donating an image of my own and selling out right away, I knew that my contribution will make a small difference. it is the beginning of a New Year and why not start being kind to each other. Special thanks to Rafael Soldi who put this relief effort together. GOD bless you!

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