Friday, December 11, 2009

Here is something to start 2010 with a bang!

Photos below in order:
Thomas Allen
Peter Kayafas
Yola Monakhov
Margaret M. De Lange
Thomas Holton

Now here we have it. This is coming from two great NYC galleristas, Sasha Wolf and Michael Foley. Learn how really is done and get an exposure of gallery, learning, showing and dealing what is like in the real art business world.

Here is some info and, I suggest that you get your feet wet with these two art experts and enjoy the ride!

The Exhibition Lab is now accepting applications for their upcoming 2010 master class.

The Exhibition Lab offers the unique opportunity for photographers to work directly with two New York City gallery owners, creating new work to be curated in two concurrent group exhibitions.

This new initiative will provide an opportunity for emerging photographers to have their work seen, recognized and developed by two deeply committed advocates for photography and the creative process.

Application is by interview and portfolio review only. Upon acceptance, you will continue to develop your work with the guidance of gallery owners Michael Foley and Sasha Wolf. A total of 14 photographers will be selected to participate.

From January to June you will meet 6 times with Michael and Sasha at one of their two galleries for 3 hours under a rigorous group critique session. This will not be for the faint of heart. In addition, you will have 2 one-on-one sessions with them for approximately 45 minutes.

In June, a final edit will be made and each photographer will then have the opportunity to exhibit their work in one of the galleries during the month of July and August 2010.

This is the first year for The Exhibition Lab. We invite you to contact us, find out more details and share any questions you might have for us. We will be having two open houses in January, which will give you a chance to meet us and see the galleries. This is a unique opportunity to share the experience of working together, receive guidance and feedback, enjoy a growing community and gain recognition and support to ensure a dynamic experience for everyone.

We invite photographers from all disciplines to apply. You must be able to attend the critique meetings in person. Please contact us to receive dates for the open houses, seminar schedule and pricing structure.

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