Thursday, October 22, 2009

UNSEEN 10/22/09 It is ...SHOWTIME!

Well today October 22,2009 is the big day.

I am very excited about the opening tonight and can only tell you that, I am so proud and fortunate to be able to select and show the works from a group of 16 extremely talented artists.

Many thanks to Randall Scott of Randall Scott Gallery for this great opportunity. Last night after all the show pieces were hanging on the wall, felt like, I was right at home, surrounded by great photographs, each single one of them speaking to me in their own language.

At very affordable prices, I think that is worth taking a look at the show because, in my very honest opinion every single photographer in this show, is a star. All the artists were amazing to work with, putting this show together.

Many thanks also to the photography and art community for all the great support. Also to all my fellow art collectors friends, art writers and bloggers for spreading the all know who you are and really...thanks!

Looking forward seeing most of you tonight. As for me, you will see me beaming with pride for my 16 artists ...with the biggest smile ever!


Lisa Hunter said...

Have a great time tonight! I'll be thinking of you!

J. Wesley Brown said...