Thursday, October 1, 2009

Emerging Artist Auction by Dan Cooney Fine Art @ i-Gavel

Item No. 1566370 : Natasha Gornik, Alex, 2009 D4WD

Item No. 1566378 : Katie Koti, Kindle, 2008 D4WD
Here are two hot examples of the current Emerging Artist Auction by Dan Cooney Fine Art @ i-Gavel. For those who follow ARTmostfierce blog, be advised that several of the artists in this current auction, were featured here as pre- screening Photolucida Critical Mass 2009 picks. Now, they are finalist contenders, meaning , this auction might be the best time to bid and acquire their work at a very affordable prices.

In Addition Natasha Gornik (photo on top) photographed me several weeks ago and I have the pleasure to have her photo of us truly (yes me) on the blog header (see above). Natasha, has been also selected as part of a group curated by (who else me...again!) Ruben Natal -San Miguel titled UNSEEN: Emerging Photographs Series opening October 22, 2009 At Randall Scott Gallery in DUMBO NYC (more info coming up on that later) .

So put your bid on and get the work of all these rising stars NOW.

Kudos to Dan Cooney for finding all these great talent whose artwork makes this auction a pretty strong one!

Auction ends October 15, 2009

Happy Bidding!

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Daniel Cooney said...

Thanks Ruben for your post and also for your suggestions on great artists to include. Love Natasha, both her work and her!

Lots of great non photo work too. Some exciting developments on the horizons for the Emerging Artists Auctions at iGavel. Stay tuned!