Friday, October 2, 2009

Bill Sullivan @ Caption Gallery

Turn 17158 April 2004

Turn 13745 April 2004

Turn 15384 April 2004

I really liked Bill Sullivan's Turn photographs series as part of the show with Charles Freger titled Caught or Captured @ the Caption Gallery in DUMBO. This work was done with a hidden camera right at the moment when people enter the NYC Transit Subway System by using the turnstiles.

There is just something very NOW , of the moment and so, New York, New York about them. I think that they are very strong visually and for any of us that lives here, lived here or simple comes to visit, they make a great memento of what is an aspect of every day life in NYC. They are very affordable also so, go and check them out!

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Liz.Photo said...

Thanks for posting, didn't get to see it.