Sunday, July 20, 2008

SCOPE-Hamptons 2008

Artmostfierce will be looking at Art and frying in the sun during SCOPE Hamptons Art Fair, July 24-27, 2008.
With the current weather temperatures, it is a perfect opportunity to escape to SCOPE and look at what's new, leave money worries and a crowded city behind for a few days.

Looking forward the VIP preview and other festivities planned for the weekend. If don't have a place to stay, just take the Hamptons Jitney, rent a car or like in my case get invited to spend the weekend.

Who knows...they might be some bargains.
Photo above:
Carlos Betancourt
Re-Collections VI, 2008
print on canvas 45 x 45 in
giclee print, edition of 25 16 x 16 in

I am looking forward among many things seeing Carlos Betancourt's work that will be on display at Jack the Pelican Presents Gallery Booth.

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dating girl said...

I am so with you honee!! Your bitchy spy (aka partner in crime, mafia motorcade bodyguard) has a few juicy tidbits of gossip for you and all of your readers: I went to the Men's Vogue/Scope kick off party last night at the Montauk Yacht Club...

I called it "The Recession Party"... no free booze at the bar, hardly any champagne where guests were descending on the wait staff until they finally came out with paltry amounts of champagne and 2nd rate hors d'oeuvres. The band was weird -- when the singer said, "I'm giving you an encore whether you like it or not", that really said it all. When I heard that, I was laughing with a musician that attended the party and was listening to the mess that was on stage. No goody bags either, just Vertu phones on display!

If that's any indication of what we can expect for the Scope fair parties, the dealers and the fashion magazines are definitely hurting and don't let them tell you otherwise! I'd wait to get those's going to get a lot less pretty out there!