Monday, July 28, 2008

One Hell of a Hamptons Weekend Part 2 !

Ah..the Hamptons and all its Sustained Fabulousness...

SCOPE Hampton's was a very nice boutique style type of fair.The selection of works that the dealers put together for the booths were quite strong, well displayed and affordable. Great setting, nice atmosphere, very friendly and knowledgeable art dealers made you buy even if you had no intentions like me!

Please see below some highlights of my favorite ones.

David Kassman- ''Joy'' 2005
40'' x 60'' each edition of 3

Great photo!

Jeff Muhs
'Things that Steve Gave Me: The Book and the Bottle'
Concrete 19" x 11" x 9 "
this piece was actioned at the Watermill benefit.

Jeff Muhs
'Return of Chaos' Oil On Canvas 48 "x 57 "
Jeff paintings on canvas are an abstraction dream.

Darlene Charneco-Islands and Other Experiments 2008
$750.00 each
Islands and Other Experiments: a selection of new works by Darlene Charneco which explore concepts of privacy and community, isolation, interaction and simulation in our increasingly connected era.Resin-layered mappings inspired by virtual worlds, online communities , historic and contemporary gardens, suburbia, exurbia and the rapidly developing resort communities of Dubai are juxtaposed in a puzzle-like array of controversial paradises and growth patterns.

For info regarding any of the artist mentioned bove feel free to contact Beth :

Beth McNeill Muhs
McNeill Art Group
PO Box 461
Southampton, NY 11969

And my recommendation for the fair’s biggest bargain goes to Rusty Scruby’s deconstructed and woven photographs that warp in and out of two and three dimensions; they are available at Chris Worley’s Pan American Art Projects. Dots (2008), for example, is on offer for $1,800.

ARTmostfierce loved the work of Gerald Forster a bit too much!

For the voyeur in you, the Nocturnal series from Gerald Forster might do the trick. There is a rumor that somebody after seeing (salivating them) these series went into Newtown Lane in East Hampton later on and tried to replicate the photo scene nonetheless with a bi or confused married
There is something about that street corner in East Hampton Village...
Talk about being inspired (or turned on!) by Art.

The Nocturnal series comes on three different sizes and you can get the small print 8 1/2 x 11 ...yeah inches with the book both signed and edition for a mere $300.00 edition of 300 .

Hurry and get yours. You have a choice of three different city nocturnal (sex scenes) . One is Miami , Los Angeles and of course New York. Artmostfierce preferred New York for obvious Besides the Nocturnal series , Gerald's body of work and other photo series are worth looking at.

For more info please check out these web sites:

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