Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Hell of a Hamptons Weekend Part 3!

Isn't the Hampton's Pretty?...Expensive

Photos by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

SCOPE Hamptons parties were a blast. Everybody left their money worries, bad attitude, got their bathing suits ready and went on into a party extravaganza all weekend...yes folks even into Sunday night.

Artmostfierce came into right into work Monday morning with flip flops, a rather salty look and a big smirk on the face.

All the Art dealers, artists , collectors, party crashers and ah...lets not forget the SCOPE party gang. Shayna McClelland in charge of public relations for SCOPE was a real doll and fun to party with.

It was also a pleasure meeting , partying , and discussing photography with the talented photographer Brian Ulrich

Thursday Night Opening Preview
Tasty drinks and food. Nice goodie bag from SCOPE.

Friday Night SCOPE Opening Party...At Salomon Contemporary...was a blast! .The Michael Bilsborough show at Salomon (great work) with its unique drawings was the perfect backdrop for the Opening party and a good party it was. The energy of the party goers and the art fused together for that night.

Photos on order from top to bottom:
Photo #1 & #2
Hamptons Scenery
Photo # 3 Magician and photographer Brian Ulrich

Photo # 4 -A Magician that can make your dreams come true
Photo # 5-The SCOPE Opening Party

Photo # 6-Shayna McClelland from SCOPE on party patrol mode

Photo # 7-Architect Jifat Windemer and SCOPE PR diva Shayna McClelland strike a pose!
Photo # 8The Magician showing tricks of the trade to photographer Brian Ulrich
Photo #9 & #10-Sunday Afternoon after having brunch and gallery hoping in Sag Harbor with MAO in his posse, we decided that we wanted to party some more so...we got invited to go to Betsy Johnson's unveiling of her new eye wear line sponsored by Gruen Optical. Tasty pink and black vodka drinks , candy canes, chocolate covered strawberries and the juiciest herself Betsy Johnson. Looking fabulous and fit...the girl knows how to weather time. Great personality and the eye wear is quite dashing and affordable.
Go Betsy!

Photo # 11-Loved the Pink and Black balloons by the chandelier!
Photo # 12-I loved this gas station in East Hampton at night. Desolated and bright...It looked like out of a movie shoot. I just had to get out Janet's car at 3:AM, a bit drunk and give it a try.
Photo #13-My party patrol and East Hampton's Hospitality Committee for the weekend Neil Wolfson and Janet Finkel.
Thanks for such a great time. Janet you sure know your way in the party circuit.
Thanks for your hospitality...love you!!!

Photo #14-# 19- SCOPE Closing Party at The Surf Lodge Inn
It is not over folks ...another party!
After a serious downpour, Neil, Janet and I decided to defy the weather and head out to Montauk!

We toured the town...I loved it and decided to have dinner at this fabulous townie restaurant called Shagwong Tavern and Seafood Restaurant. Great food ...3 course meal for only $21.95...so tasty we need to go back.

Since we were already in Montauk...we decided to party some more and hit the closing party for SCOPE at the Surf Lodge Inn. Very cool ...cool place. The very first thing you find at the lobby is a tree trunk table with Richard Misrach's The Beach book open for you to look at. I wonder if it survived that night. That will give you an idea of its coolness. A collectors book just laying there for you to browse.

Beautiful crowd ... meow! I would got in trouble if I did not have to get back to the city the next morning. Everybody was in serious party mode and most of the gallery crowd was still partying some more(they partied all weekend).

Great weekend folks. I highly recommend that next year do what you have to do and check out SCOPE Hamptons weekend extravaganza. So worth it...!

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