Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feature Shoot Says'' Ciao Manhattan''

Ruben Natal San Miguel
''24/7Bodega''  2011, Harlem, NYC.

Ciao Manhattan

Our dear friend, photographer and Editor in Chief of  Feature Shoot blog, Alison Savos  is leaving us to greener pastures in Austin Texas. As a tribute to NYC she is looking for quintessential NYC photography. You know , I will be sending mine and you should too!

Best wishes  and many thanks to Alison Savos for her support and friendship!

The Feature Shoot team will be packing up and moving to Austin, Texas, on August 12. As a farewell to the city we love so much, we will be running images of New York all next week (beginning August 8, 2011) as part of an online group show entitled ‘Ciao Manhattan’.
Photographers are invited to submit images evoking New York City
Up to five images can be submitted (480 pixels wide, 72 dpi, under 85kb).
10-20 selected images will be featured per day with full credit going to the photographer as well as a link to his/her website.
The absolute last day to submit is August 7, 2011. But the sooner, the better!

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