Saturday, August 13, 2011

Attention All Photographers!- 2001-2011- A Decade of Insanity : Still Searching for Healing- Exhibition

Attention all Photographers!- I am back to curating, As a survivor of Sept 11 attacks, will like to celebrate life, commemorate the 10 year anniversary and how photography has changed the face of America and the world. This time will start by doing an online exhibition right here at my ARTmostfierce blog.

I'm currently taking submissions from photographers for this online group show titled'' 2001-2011-A Decade of Insanity: Still Searching for Healing ''
HOPE 2001-2011, NYC.

Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Up to 3 images can be submitted (480 pixels wide, 72 dpi, under 85kb) 3 samples of photographs that evoque your thoughts about the theme. I will select only one. Let the healing begin! Please start emailing submissions now at and the deadline is August 31, 2011. The online show will debut Sept 11, 2011.If chosen, YOU will be in the compamy of big names in the photography business!

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