Thursday, May 5, 2011

Highlights from the Affordable Art Fair

Hannah Herr
Unnamed Rituals
30 x 40

The portraiture work of Hannah Herr  @ BRICis not only very very affordable , it is unique, strong in content, quite rich and very interesting.

Manjari Sharma
Things were cooking @ Kris Graves Projects Gallery booth part of the ART X Women. The works of Kesha Bruce, Manjari Sharma, Charlie Grasso and Sophia Wallace make  among many others, a pretty strong booth. Worth checking it out.

Kesha Bruce
THAT THEY MIGHT BE LOVELY, 2008.  Archival Pigment Print.

At ARTSTAR and Little Collector  gallery booth, prints were flying off the walls. Some of them even framed!

Very affordable prices and a  very, very nice booth. Check out the prints of David Levinthal, Kenny Scharf, Sophie Crumb, Shepard Fairey and Katherine Newbegin among many. Seriously folks they are some good bargains to be had and for the skeptics this is your chance to see it face to face!

Alka Theater III

Kenny ScharfSpace Happy

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