Monday, May 16, 2011

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week- SEVEN Limited Editions by Finch & Ada

Lady Money Sings the Blues, Harlem, NY 2010. by Ruben Natal - San Miguel

Monday Blues? Well you can sing along with Lady Money,  my new and most current body of work series made this year in ''El Barrio'' East Harlem, NYC. This is specially for Finch and Ada.
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12"x18" metallic archival print, signed and title on the verso
#2-3 ($400) | #4-5 ($450) | #6-7 ($500)

Case of the Mondays?!? Well dear collector friends, let's start off your week with the help of a very special lady - Ms. Lady Money. Taken on the streets of Harlem, Ruben Natal - San Miguel introduces you to Lady Money Sings the Blues. This gorgeous gal is one of the many sirens captured by the roving lens of Natal-San Miguel in his beloved Harlem, New York. Every detail - from the white flower in her jet black coiffed hair-do, to the precisely painted black eyebrows and the vivacious red bejeweled dollar sign earrings - signal an unforgettable chance meeting is passing between photographer and his subject, on a late April afternoon in Harlem. These "slice of life" moments are preciously framed by the fine-tuned and detailed eye of Natal-San Miguel and will forever find a home through his camera lens.

For the past eight years during the summer months, Natal-San Miguel has traveled by bicycle throughout Upper Manhattan with camera in hand in search of what it is like to live in the NYC areas, which until most recently and for many prior decades, have been ignored by the government and most of society. This is not the “Sex and The City” Manhattan that most people clamor and aim to achieve. Natal-San Miguel has been able to find, not only a vibrant and colorful vision of that "other" Manhattan, but also a happy, endearing and very meaningful life lesson: the human spirit and a community can make the best of what others may considered to be so little.

I must acknowledge that I have loved watching the growth and evolution of Ruben's New York, NY: Concrete Jungle series since I first viewed a selected exhibition of his photographs a few years back. Since that time, his images have taken a deeper look at the beauty of the people - his neighbors - and the ever-changing landscape of Harlem and the surrounding areas. This is one of a few series whose photographic exploration is taken with an "insider" view of the modern day cultural and societal anthropology of a neighborhood in New York. When I laid my eyes on "Lady Money Sings the Blues" I was floored! This was a quintessential "Ruben-esque Diva" and I could not pass up the chance to have it and share it with others. That is why we are so very thrilled to be offering this limited and exclusive print to you from Ruben's very beautiful and serious body of work.

Ruben Natal-San Miguel's, work continues to receive critical acclaim and international exposure. Recently his work was featured in a prominent spread in Wink Magazine, Issue 6, pg.115, and was exhibited in the group show, First Class/Second Class, co-curated by Leah Oates and Asya Geisberg at the Asya Geisberg Gallery, Chelsea, New York. He is also being interviewed by Korean Photo and was exhibited by Aperture Foundation at the Art Chicago, April 29 - May 02, 2011. Read a fuller bio HERE.

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