Monday, November 15, 2010


Many thanks to all the ones who took time out their busy schedule to either stop by the hospital , gave me a call, sent  e-mail, sent flowers or simply sent well wishes and good energy my way. I know who you are and kept a record of it. It is great to now that all my efforts over the years had at lest surrounded me with some compassionate, genuine and real people. For the ones who did not , I am keeping that on mind for the next time while air kissing at an art opening/event or when you might need something from me.

At home recovering...

Big Love,


Dan Cooney said...


Glad you are feeling better! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Brian said...

So glad to hear you've made it home and are feeling better.
Probably a good thing you have some time to slow down a bit and take care!
Wishing you well,
Brian, Rachelle and Aralie