Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NYC Slideluck Launch Party + Fundraiser 12/8/10

My Girl with curlers photograph will be  at the NYC Slideluck Launch Party + Fundraiser up for auction. Hosted by Photographer Patrick McMullan and Paul D, Miller you know is going to be a fabulous event with plenty of flashbulbs and quite a  glittery scene. Come over, party, place a bid and take it her home. The other version of this photograph is almost sold out. This one is still a virgin... so ha ha! 

 Not dead yet , just home recovering so...see you at the event!

 Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Glamour Break Diva, 2009 Harlem, NYC
16 x 20 framed
Artists proof
Courtesy of the artist

NYC Slideluck Launch Party + Fundraiser

In efforts to foster new and creative collaborations with the food community, we are launching SLIDELUCK, almost 10 years to the day that SLIDELUCK POTSHOW first began.

SLIDELUCK is a slideshow but not a potluck dinner - rather it is a collaboration with a chef, restaurant, farm or supper club. Rather than presenting 40 local artists, this version will be shorter and sweeter, showcasing up to 20 artists.

The NYC launch of SLIDELUCK will take place on Wednesday, December 8th at the lovely Sandbox Studio, a spacious, 11th-floor space on the SoHo/TriBeCa border. The event will be a fundraiser and auction: all proceeds will go to the 501c3, SLIDELUCK POTSHOW and its community-outreach program, the Slideluck Youth Initiative.

Patrick McMullan and Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky) invite you to participate in an exclusive cocktail hour with the artists that are participating in the live and silent auctions, followed by an a delicious, locally-sourced dinner orchestrated by the Highlands Dinner Club, beer provided by Brooklyn Brewery, wine poured by the Noble Rot, and culminating with an unforgettable slideshow of work by both local and international artists. Music provided by World Up.

6:30pm Cocktail Reception with Hosts/Artists + Dinner + Slideshow +...
7:30pm Dinner + Slideshow + Auctions: $125

Unavailable on this date, but would like to make a contribution regardless? Please click here.

* The Cocktail Reception will be limited to 50 guests.
* The dinner will be limited to 200 guests.

Artists Participating in Auction:

Gema Alava * Marisa Baumgartner * Yasmina Belkacem * Julie Blackmon * Elinor Carucci * Zoe Crosher * Joey Frank * John Gordon Gauld * Andrew Hetherington * Casey Kelbaugh * Wilmot Kidd * Vincent Laforet * Coke O'Neal * Stephen Mallon * Alyssa Monks * Amy Morkin * Roz Morris * Ruben Natal-SanMiguel * Jonah Samson * Jennifer Shaw * Susanna Sinclair * Sarah Small * Cameron Sterling * Phillip Toledano * Spencer Tunick * Martin Usborne * Jan Van Holleben * Sophia Wallace * Jamie Ziobro

Committee Co-Chairs:
Patrick McMullan * Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky)

Host Committee
Gema Alava * Anne Kettle Baker * Ebenezer Bond * Hilary Bowers * Jeffrey Caldwell * Catherine Blair Carlson * Kipton Cronkite * Michael Dabbene * Amber De Vos * Katie Eckert * Mandie Erickson * Michael Foley * Christina Gee * John Gordon Gauld * Fernanda Giligan * Carson Gray * Bingo Gubelmann * Kristy Caylor Hamilton * Ginger Harper * Leslie Ballard Hull * Brooks Houston * Be Inthavong * Ryan Jones * Merel le Conge Kleyn * Adam Laukhuf * Page Leidy * Dave Lombino * James Lowther * Elissa Lumley * Rachel Markus * Andy McNicol * Heather Miles * Chris Miller * Jackie Nasser * Lizzie & Kathy Nastro * Vanessa Noel * Camille Obering * Caspar Ouvaroff * Kelli Porterfield * Bettina Prentice * Evan Ruster * Georgina Schaeffer * Katie Schwab * Adam Sherwin * Henry Simonds * Savannah Spirit * Julie Taraska * Nilani Trent

In collaboration with: Patrick McMullan * DJ Spooky * Sandbox Studio * Brooklyn Brewery *Highlands Dinner Club * World Up * Bron Imaging * Perrier * The Noble Rot

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