Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tomorrow 6/10/10 BRAVO TV is Following ME !

Tomorrow, June 10, 2010 Bravo TV, the creators of Work of Art is looking for a new venue to show behind the scenes of the ART world in NYC. They will be following me (Ruben Natal-San Miguel) as, I cover ''La Vida Loca '' in the Manhattan Art Business .

I will be at the openings listed below. If you see me, be yourself and if you don't want to be on camera , they you can pack your bags and move out of NYC...just kidding!

Here is the schedule just in case you want a close up or ran away because you feel like you are having a bad hair day!
The schedule goes as follows:

3:30 PM - meeting with film crew
4:00 PM - hous projects gallery meeting and will tour The Naked Truth
6:00 PM- Jesse Burke - Intertidal show opening @ Clampart Gallery
7:00 PM-Will Steacy - Down These Mean Streets show opening- Michael Mazzeo Gallery
8:00 PM - Aperture Foundation- Private Press Party
9:00 PM- Parties to follow

I am not nervous, I want to do right and use this as a vehicle to keep promoting new art photography, artists and how amazing is to be , live, and be part of Manhattan's art vibe. Wish me luck...It will come back to you all!


Anonymous said...

how very exciting....
your going to be perfect in front of the camera....
viva la art...

D from Hawaii

createwall said...

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