Monday, September 8, 2008

Strangely Familiar by Michal Chelbin @Andrea Meislin Gallery

Alicia, Ukraine 2005
C-Print 37 x 37 inches
Edition of 5 Price on request

Two Athletes, Ukraine
C-Print 37 x 37 inches
edition of 5 $7,500.00

Natasha, Ukraine 2005
C-Print 37 x 37 inches
Edition of 5 $7,500.00

Angelina, Israel 2003
Silver Gelatin Print
20 x 24 inches
Edition of 12 $2,500.00

September 4-October 18, 2008.

Artmostfierce recommends paying a visit to the Andrea Meislin Gallery at 526 West 26th Street in Chelsea and check out' Strangely Familiar' solo show from the gifted photographer Michal Chelbin.

The show titled Strangely Familiar includes photographs taken in Ukraine, Russia, England and Israel for the past five years.Chelbin's are mostly circus performers and eccentrics from society's fringes; after forming a connection with them , she photographs them.

This show has extremely gorgeous photographs, not only in content, composition and theme . There is something familiar about them and makes you wonder and inquire about the characters in front of the camera, individuals who are mostly children .You wonder what their past, present and future will be like. There is a sense of early maturity, wisdom and sadness that are captured with such sensibility and beauty.

The color photographs are rich in color hues and contrast between form, figure and composition. In some cases like Alicia , Ukraine , the colors, the position of the models enhance even more the suggested perspective that makes your eye ride along with it even though you are not in the car or in the photograph for that matter.This one along with the other ones shown here were my favorite's ones.

The black and white photographs are just as stunning as the color ones but, they have an ethereal vintage quality and are reminiscent of a beautiful photo album that some of our grandmother's will show with pride. They also have a portraiture quality reminds me of the work of one of the greatest photographers of all time ; Diane Arbus.

In addition there is the book with the same title published by Aperture Foundation which I highly recommend and a limited edition print for sale (see another previous posting) that it is a must have. They are selling fast so if you can't afford the show photos, hurry and get the Aperture print.

The work is not only beautiful but, also a great investment!

Please make the time to see this show... . you will not be disappointed.

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