Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Portorican? Presente show in San Juan , Puerto Rico!

ARTmostfierce recommends booking a cheap plane ticket through Jet Blue and going to Puerto Rico for a weekend (mine was only $105.00 each way and think about it unlike me , you will not have to deal with your family! ) and while there , please check out the Portorican Presente (Present Puerto Rican) show art the Biaggi-Faure Gallery in San Juan.

Biaggi -Faure Gallery it is one of the best Art galleries in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean . It is one of the main galleries in Puerto Rico that my family purchases mostly art from.

Portorican Presente showcases the work of some true talent Puerto Rican artists currently living in New York City for at least the past 20 years.

The show will include works by artists Alfonso Munoz,Reyez Melendez, Rafael Rosario Laguna and Luis Carle . I arrive to PR on the very last day of the show but, will make sure to see it.

In addition check out the Organization of Puerto Rican Artist (Op-Art) web site . They have artworks for sale at very affordable prices. I recommend buying mostly from the artists mentioned above because not only the talent but also for potential investment.Today the Chinese and India artists are hot ...Tomorrow might be the Puerto Ricans!

Buy it now that is extremely affordable and full of passion and energy. Besides, if you can't afford or have a sexy Latin in bed at least now you can afford to have it on your walls!

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