Thursday, June 12, 2008

Affordable Art Fair NYC

Patricia Steur
Courtesy of Aan de Amstel

So many people at the pool
Duarte Amaral Netto
Courtesy of Atelier EA+ l Gallery

Untitled (New Home)
Carrie Yury
Courtesy of Sam Lee Gallery

Map- In case you are from out of town or totally clueless

Artmostfierce went to the Opening Preview of the Affordable Art Fair last evening.
Surprisingly , there is some pretty good talent , a lot of painting (about 65% of the inventory) , prints (10%) , photography (15%) and sculpture (5%)There is quite a good range of all and the pricing is very, very affordable !
The opening night was quite a scene and a bit disorganized (the line was endless) but, fun , full of energy and eager buyers. Most of the booths were quite busy so, I intent to go back and use my press pass (yeah one of those ) to do another round and let the credit cards do the walk and maybe the
I already liked one photo ( if you have a dream about it you want it!) but, I let you know after is in my possession...way too affordable and fabulous to mention and don't want the copycats to tail me. Anyway more details later.
They will be also panel discussions with some cool people in the Art business among them Jen Beckman, Kellie McLaughlin from Aperture Foundation, Photographer Amy Stein and fellow Art Blogger and writer Lisa Hunter.
Go see it if you are not sunning at the beach and stay cool!


Paul Pincus said...

the patricia steur is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Saw the show and it is fab.