Thursday, May 22, 2008

Winners of NY Photo Festival

New York Photo Award 2008 Winners!!!!!

Congratulations to all the winners specially Edgar Martins, winner in the Personal/Fine Art Series . One of his photos The Accidental Theorist is shown in the above blog header. Artmostfierce conducted an interview with Edgar Martins posted on April 29,2008. Scroll below and read it !
Go and get Edgar Martins Topologies book at Aperture and check out his limited edition prints. Great photos and worth the investment!

Collectors keep an eye on these names listed below.

Student Personal Fine Art Series - Anna Skladman
Student Personal Fine Art Single Image - Alana Celii
Student Book - Tiana Markova-Gold
Student Editorial Series - Tobias Kruse
Student Editorial Single Image - Gratiane de Moustier
Multimedia - Photo/Audio - Two Winners..."The Ninth Floor" by Jessica Dimmock & MediaStorm/"Curse of the Black Gold" by Ed Kashi & MediaStorm
Multimedia - Photo/Video - "Bearing Witness" a Reuters/MediaStorm Collaboration
Personal/Fine Art Series - Edgar Martins
Personal/Fine Art Single Image - Jessica Todd Harper
Editorial Series - Paula Bronstein
Editorial Single Image - Two Winners...Ibraheem Abu Mustafa & Adem Hadei
Photography Book - Amy Stein
Advertising Series - John Offenbach
Advertising Single Image - Jason Bell

Winners received a PowerShot G9 Digital Camera from Canon, along with their awards.

Meet The Jury

Tim Barber
Elisabeth Biondi
Frank Evers
Lauren Greenfield
William Hunt
Charlie Melcher
Daniel Power
Jody Quon
Benjamin Trigano
Meagan Ziegler-Haynes

Meredith Birkett
Snorri Bros
Greg Clayman
Lauren Greenfield
Frank Evers
Bjarke Myrthu


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