Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Murakami Prints $$$$

Please enjoy the blog header photo this week by the talented photographer Andrew Valli!

ARTmostfierce recommends that while visiting the Brooklyn Museum and while enjoying the Takashi Murakami show, open up your purse and pick up a Murakami print for sale.

Yes, there is two styles and four different versions of each one. The 40 x 40 inches ( first image shown above) goes for $1,250.00.This one is also in a limited edition of 300. .The 20 x 20 inches(second image) is only $900.00 limited edition of 300.They are both still available in low numbers .

This is not my favorite image of a Murakami work ever but, they are made with such good quality and these images in particular are from his last painting series.

Murakami has done quite well in recent auctions(15.1 million one of his Lonesome Cowboy sculpture) and his work is getting a lot of mass appeal. If you are looking for an investment piece of art, I recommend taking a look at it.

You can't ...buy it over the phone, the Internet nor they will hold it for you (OK divas!)...SO if you want it, march your ass to Brooklyn, go and see the show and it is for sale on the last room of the show(a lot of people had missed it so keep your eyes open while in the last room!).

By the way it is already on E-bay.

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Lisa Hunter said...

Thanks for the tip on this, and on the Humble Arts Susana Raab.