Sunday, February 24, 2013

ARTmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week- The Book/Limited Print Collector's Edition @ Decode Books!

Kelli ConnellCarnivalLimited edition archival inkjet collage, signed and numbered, with copy of Double Life.
Matte size: 11 x 14 in.
Image size: 5 x 7 in.
Edition of 15, signed and numbered.

$1000 USD

Well folks with the Armory show and art fair mania approaching, wanted to ensure that your art purchases are smart ones and of a good investment. Decode Books has a great Collector's Edition combo of book with a limited edition prints that cannot be ignored .

The books and prints of :

Amy Stein /Stacy Mehrfar
Ariana Page Russell
Kelli Connell
Brian Finke
Suzanne Upton
Bill Jacbobson
Steven Miller
Doug Keyes
John Jenkins
Jesse Burke
Jeff Parker/William Powhida

These are all very promising already gallery/museum artists that you can not only enjoy a print and book but also, invest smartly on their promising future and on the value of your art collection.
Happy Shopping!
Big Love,

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