Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Feel Lucky- Frank Yamrus @ Clampart Gallery- Review

© Frank Yamrus, "untitled (Cake)," 2008, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City

© Frank Yamrus, "untitled (Sunflower)," 2008, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City

After seeing Frank Yamrus -''I Feel Lucky '' solo show current exhibition at Clampart Gallery  major things clicked in my mind.

1. In life, it is a ''lucky'' thing to mature .
2. Is a great thing to celebrate life  and accept yourself for who you really are.
3. People will see you of how you see yourself. 
4. You had already out lived friends that, by life consequences are not longer around and should truly ''feel lucky'' and celebrate life.

I always had great admiration of artists who their work is based on mostly turning the camera at right at themselves. It takes a very special sensibility and Frank Yamrus possesses such. With Frank,  you get a different visual  identity range of himself based on the different variety of  every day life situations and scenarios that most of us face or do.  

The show is cleverly displayed in a combination of 20 x 28 inches framed images  horizontals and verticals. All the images have great composition, theme ( daily live activities and events that most of us do or still dream about doing) and of a  great color saturation.  

Since all of us are not going to be young forever and the thought of it might cause most to have fears,  insecurities and all the sort of not so'' lucky'' feelings while  growing old, go and see this wonderful self portrayal of life celebration. It might change your  life's perspective . By seeing Frank  self portraits, he indirectly turns the camera  right at you and will make you feel as'' lucky''  as he is and will convince you of how'' lucky'' you are or will be to age gracefully and happy. It is a life fact...sooner or later, we will all get old someday soon...

Go and see it !
 On display till March 24, 2012 

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