Thursday, June 30, 2011

“How to Invest and Collect Fine Art Photography." An ART Hamptons Guided Tour by Ruben Natal San Miguel 7/9-10/11

Glamour Break Diva, 2009
Harlem, NYC

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For the first time in ArtHamptons’ four year history, we are showcasing significant fine art photography in 2011. The fair features a roster of important photography dealers offering the very best work on the market today. Photohamptons features a carefully monitored range of museum-quality works including vintage, modern, post-modern, contemporary and video.
Photography dealers are integrated throughout the fair and include such galleries as Danziger Projects, HackelBury Fine Art, Waterhouse & Dodd, KIWI Arts Group, Catherine Edelman Gallery, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Robert Koch Gallery, Westwood Gallery and others.

Guided Tour of photoHamptons
Understanding photography, and what you need to know to collect the medium, is an important element of photoHamptons. We are offering a guided tour of photoHamptons dealers and their works throughout the fair. Ruben Natal-San Miguel, who runs the eponymous photography consulting firm, and respected blogger of Artmostfierce, will present an entertaining fair tour entitled “How to Invest and Collect Fine Art Photography." Geared for both novice and experienced collectors, the tour will provide valuable insights and tips on building your fine art photography collection.
Saturday & Sunday, 1pm | Fair Lobby

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