Thursday, February 4, 2010

Artmostfierce Affordable Print Pick of the Week

Eric Hairabedian

Kris Graves

Yes, I am back! I had not done this for a while so, wanted to get back to my roots after a drunken party rampage last night. yes, I had to hit the bottle and loosen up a bit because , I had been working way too hard and receiving very very little in return. Art for the Art's sake does not work for me much anymore so, they might be some changes in the very near future.

Anyway this week we have some limited edition prints from Kris Graves and Eric Hairabedian from the series A Queens Affair.It show also opens today @ Farmani Gallery.

A Queens Affair is priced at $40 and for the first 100 individuals to pre-order will receive one 8x10” signed archival pigment print from each photographer. These artists prints are exclusive to the book pre-order and will not be reprinted in this style once they are sold out. Both artists will attend the reception and the exclusive artists prints will be made available to take home with a pre-order during the reception.

These prints are lovely and very affordable with the book. Kris Graves work is shown right now as part of the show VERSUS
curated by yours truly.

Get your 2 prints and the book for only $40.00 now. Picking mine up tomorrow during the opening. Back to my roots of being a greedy collector!

For more information:
Elizabeth Barragan

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