Monday, November 30, 2009

Gone Fishing...!

Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Well folks, it is that time of the year and one of my favorite for several reasons:

2. Is that I am lucky enough to be showing my work @ + Kris Graves Projects , AQUA Art Fair (nervous but very, very excited!)

3. The chance to see great works ,catch up and socialize with friends and colleagues from the art business.

4. The weather, the real coffee, food, the warm smiles, the hot bodies, the sensuality that Miami offers.

5. A Swimming Pool and the Ocean...Yes!

6. December 6, 2009 birthday !

Blooging will be very light during Dec 1-10. Looking forward laying on that beach chair in front of the Atlantic Ocean by the Delano Hotel (shown above)...Ah...yes, let ''La Vida Loca'' begin!

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