Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Photolucida Jury Duty is over for me!

Photos by Thomas Alleman one of my favorites!

Artmostfierce is done making final voting decisions as a juror for Photolucida's Critical Mass 2008!
There is some true talent here!
I tried to select in my opinion what was the most daring , fresher, challenging and sometimes in your face work that was done in a true stylistic and sophisticated manner.
Although at times it was hard to say (vote) NO ...it also felt good to vote WOW for some of them. Hoping I can make a difference and open doors for 50 true talented individuals that might bring something new to the photography field .I had about maybe 10 WOWs , 40 Yes and 130 NO's out of the 185 finalists. I will post my choices later after I leave the city and head on to Miami Vice for some ART Basel ,party, sun and FUN!
One of my WOW ones was Thomas Alleman. He has a solo show at Robin Rice Gallery right now!
Ciao for now!