Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It Is Time For... CHANGE!

Elizabeth Peyton
Michelle and Sasha Obama listening to Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention
August 2008 Oil on MDF 11 x 14 inches , photo courtesy of W Magazine.

Ok folks! I had enough! Time for CHANGE!
As I see today more of my $$$ and your $$$$ tumble in the market today...well it is time!
The ARTmostfierce ART Blog sends its 100% endorsement and support to the Obama- Biden ticket!

So make sure you vote and make the right decision!

Special thanks to Catherine Hong, Online Director of W magazine and new ARTmostfierce blog reader for sending me this photo.Elizabeth Peyton portraiture again hits it where it got to hit.This Elizabeth Peyton painting was commissioned by W magazine Please click link read the article below for more info about Elizabeth Peyton.

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